Tornado Drill on April 14 at 1:45pm

RCTC Students,

As part of our ongoing campus-wide safety initiatives, RCTC will be conducting an all-campus tornado drill on Thursday, April 14th at 1:45 pm. This drill will run concurrently with the State of Minnesota’s weather awareness week.

At that time, the City of Rochester will be sounding their tornado sirens. The College will also be sounding our internal emergency sirens and following our own tornado safety protocols. To familiarize yourself with these safety precautions, please visit

Please familiarize yourself with the nearest shelter locations in your work area, along with classrooms and personal offices. To assist in identifying these designated locations, a list of designated rooms can be found at

Currently, a print out of emergency shelters has been displayed by the emergency phones in classrooms. If the classroom does not have a shelter location printout, your room may be a designated shelter. Additionally, those classrooms designated as emergency shelters have an emergency shelter logo displayed on the classroom door. The emergency shelter logos will typically be placed on the door facing the hallway if the door were to be closed.

In addition to classrooms being designated as emergency shelters, certain hallways throughout campus have also been deemed effective shelters. These hallways will have signage displayed identifying those designated areas.

One additional strategy Campus Safety is implementing to assist in shelter location and campus evacuation is designating Floor Captains. Volunteer Floor Captains will help direct and alert the campus member of immediate safety concerns in their designated. Additional training of roles and responsibilities will be given to those who choose to volunteer. An email will be sent out in the near future with additional information.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these procedures and locations and do not hesitate to ask a campus safety team member if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Andy Hamann
Security Coordinator &
Emergency Management
Rochester Community and Technical College
851 30th Avenue SE
Rochester, MN 55904





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