Week of April 9th is MN Severe Weather Awareness Week

The week of April 9th is Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Here in Southeastern Minnesota, we are no strangers to severe weather.  As such, RCTC does have a plan in place should the College be in the path of severe weather such as Tornadoes.
Do you know where the severe weather shelters are on the RCTC campus?  If you don’t, click here to see where you can go in the event of severe weather.

Procedure for Dealing with a Tornado or Severe Weather

  • Stay indoors, be alert to falling objects.
  • Proceed to the designated shelter.
  • Classrooms will have a diagram posted showing where the designated shelters are located.
  • If you are outside, lie flat on the ground in a depression and cover the back of your head and neck with your hands.
  • Do not seek cover in an automobile or under a tree.
  • Stay away from windows, mirrors, glass, and unsecured objects such as filing cabinets or bookcases.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • If requested, assist persons with disabilities to the safest area on the same floor.
  • Remain in the safe area until the “all clear” has been given.

Planning includes identifying the appropriate place in your building to seek shelter should a tornado occur.

Click the link below to view the designated shelter locations.

RCTC Main Campus Basement

RCTC Main Campus First Floor

RCTC Heintz Center

RCTC Regional Sports Center

The most important events during Severe Weather Awareness Week are the two annual statewide tornado drills.  These drills are scheduled for Thursday, April 12 2018 at 1:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. (Counties may chose to opt out of the drills if actual severe weather is possible in the area)  Outdoor warning sirens and NOAA Weather Radios will sound in a simulated tornado warning. The first drill is intended for institutions and businesses. The evening drill is intended for second shift workers and families.
Additional information courtesy of https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/hsem/weather-awareness-preparedness/Pages/severe-weather-awareness-week-program.aspx

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