Why Register Now?

RCTC Students,

I am writing to encourage you to REGISTER NOW for the summer 2019 term! Registration is open, and getting signed up for summer courses is easy and makes a lot of sense!

  • Not a morning person? Register now to avoid the waitlist and have your choice of classes.
  • Get a jump on graduation by completing a summer course or two.
  • Had some trouble this semester? Make up a course this summer to earn a better grade.
  • Transferring? Why not take another course here to reduce your costs as you pursue your Bachelor’s degree?

There are many advantages to taking summer courses, and a lot of flexibility in how you do that. Set up a time to talk with your Advisor or Counselor using AdvisorTrac.

Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Rochester Community and Technical College
www.rctc.edu | www.rctc.edu/services/student-affairs/

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