Why Study Sports Management, Coaching, Personal Training, and Group Fitness Instruction?

The Sport Management, Coaching, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor programs can help you reach a lot of goals. But don’t take our word for it. Below are some testimonials from past students on what they’ve gone on to do after studying these subjects at RCTC.

Kasie Heimer

I started RCTC with the law enforcement program in mind, however, through word of mouth the sports management program began to be far more appealing. I found the programs requirements online, spoke with my advisor, and transferred programs.

I ended up leaving RCTC before I successfully graduated from the program, for personal matters. My credits at RCTC promoted me to private first class before I shipped off to boot camp. I eventually achieved my Associates through another college, based on the fact that I lived out of the state at the time, and luckily all my RCTC credits transferred over.

I currently work for the MN Army National Guard. The credits from RCTC/Associates degree transferred over to my Bachelors. This has been significant because getting my Bachelors degree has allowed me to become an Army officer. Having an education opens many doors, and I’m very thankful for the wonderful experience I had at RCTC, and in the Sports Management program. I’ve learned a lot of valuable things, from some valuable people, and they’re lessons that you can keep in your back pocket and carry with you throughout your lifetime.

Devan Huneke

I had a great experience at RCTC because of the welcoming and positive environment that RCTC fosters. Within the sport management program, the coursework was not typical. It challenged you with real-life projects, and put you in the action. It was not the run-of-the-mill program that gives homework and tests to determine your grade. It made you think as if you had a job in your field and you were performing in it.

Joel Flores

When making my decision to go to RCTC I saw how close it was to home which was in Austin, MN and after looking through a few colleges I saw that RCTC was the only school around the area that had a sport management program that really interested and caught my idea right away.

I graduated from RCTC in 2013 with my Associates Degree in Sport Management and a Diploma in Coaching.

I am a three-sport coach over at Austin High School. I coach football, boys’ basketball, and softball. I also work for the YMCA as a building supervisor. With sport management, you’ll be able to do many things and learn from different areas. When I tell people about what classes I took, it’s a wide range, which I enjoyed because you’re able to learn a bit of everything that must do with sports. That shows that there are plenty of jobs out there that maybe you never knew were in place.
Erick Broome
I graduated from RCTC with an AA in Liberal Arts, as well as a Coaching Diploma, and a Personal Training Diploma. These programs helped me tremendously in my future endeavors; I managed a gym for over two years, I was a personal trainer and a group fitness trainer, and later got my BA in physical education. Currently, I am using all the knowledge gained from RCTC to be a 9th-grade baseball coach, a varsity baseball official, and hoping to acquire another job at a gym.  RCTC was an incredible experience for me!  The coursework was interesting, and a lot of the time, very hands-on. The professors were helpful and supported my every step, and the environment was a blast to be in every day. It was a culture that made me feel comfortable and at home and I would recommend it to anybody!  For such a great price, you get so much out of it.

Samantha Storsveen

After choosing RCTC to further my education, I decided to pursue the Sports Management and Coaching programs. My advisor was very helpful when it came to scheduling classes to work around my soccer and basketball schedules. I enjoyed the hands-on activities that the teachers did in class, as they helped me better understand the things I was learning. The teachers for these programs classes were very helpful in answering any questions I had, and the small class sizes made it easier to get help if needed. They also gave us opportunities for real-life experiences to put our learning to the test. I’ve been able to use what I learned at RCTC for my current coaching endeavor: boys soccer, girls basketball, and boys and girls track and field.
Abby Barrone 

I graduated from the Sport Management program at RCTC and went on to Winona State where I received my bachelor in Recreation Management. The Sport Management program was a first stepping stone in all my careers. I have had to balance budgets of millions of dollars, I have had to hire/fire employees, train employees, create new recreation programs, and I have had to advertise whether it was radio, tv, or newspapers. Every single job I have had touched these things daily. The sport management program prepared me for what was to come in the day to day employment world.

Currently, I am working for Olmsted County Community Services. I actually got this job because of my sports background. (my supervisor who interviewed me was a huge volleyball fan, and as soon as I said I was a head volleyball coach, he knew I was the one for the job).  I was lucky to get in but it came from all the experiences I had. I have had many jobs related to my degree. I worked for Filo Productions for 4 years. This is a sport management company out of St. Paul, Minn., that has a contract with the NBA to promote/set up the All-Star games. It was like living the rock star life; we would travel around the United States in a van and the semis would follow us to each state. We would set up venues in major athletic store parking lots to sell the products and the professional athlete would make appearances to sell their brand. You met a lot of major athletes along with all the craziness. The All star games you watch on TV? We were the ones behind the scenes that put it on.

After this, I got into Owatonna Park and Rec as the youth program director. That lasted a year because of budget cuts. I was the first to go. From there I went to Century High School where I became a Guidance Counselor Secretary and the Head Volleyball Coach. I did that for about four years, and after I was done with that, I decided to make a career move and get into Olmsted County.

Dakotah Rostad

Taking the courses required for the Sport Management program taught me the importance of networking. Through the skills I was taught, I have been able to make connections with various colleges/universities, and even with a professional Major League organization. I currently am employed at a school that we were fortunate enough to visit and spend some time at while taking classes at RCTC. For my employer, I was a recognizable face from my visits during my time at RCTC.

Your experience is going to be whatever you want it to be, and at RCTC students are provided with what they need to continue on to a higher degree, or in some cases, what they need to be prepared to join the workforce in our country!

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  1. Great stuff! Good to see former Yellowjackets Baseball (Eric Broome and Dakota Rostad); Yellowjackets Women’s Basketball (Kasie Heimer, Abby Barrone, Sam Storsveen) applying what they learned at RCTC in the real world! Proud Coach of them all! #RollHive #CrawlSting