FAQ Series – Tuition

When is tuition due if I don’t have financial aid?

Tuition is due at the time of registration, unless you have a payment plan or qualify for an approved deferment to hold your registration.

How do I pay my bill?

  1. Pay at the RCTC Cashiers Office during regular business hours
  2. Send a check payable to RCTC to:

RCTC Cashier’s Office
851 30th Ave SE
Rochester, MN  55904

  1. Pay with a Visa, Master Card, or e-check via your online account. To make payment online follow these instructions:
    1. login to your online account
    2. select the proper semester Login
    3. select the Student tab
    4. select My Account
    5. select Pay Online
    6. select the institution you wish to pay
    7. enter the payment amount
    8. provide required credit card information
    9. authorize payment
    10. close payment window

Need a Payment Plan?

If you are unable to fully pay your tuition by the deadline, you may request a payment plan.  In all cases, full payment is expected by the end of the semester for which the tuition is owed. RCTC has a contract with “FACTS/Nelnet” as our payment plan provider. After you register, go to check my account balance, click on payments and payment plan option.