Scholarship Awards

Students who applied for scholarships during the 2020 application process were be notified via email and/or mail. If you receive an email from us confirming that you are a recipient of an RCTC Foundation scholarship please do the following:

  • Fill out the Scholarship Acceptance Form below.**
  • Write a Thank You Note to the donor of your scholarship:
    • Address it to “Dear RCTC Foundation Scholarship Donor,”
    • Describe what the scholarship means to you
  • Email your completed form and thank you note to **Forms can be filled in online, saved to your computer and emailed to the Foundation. Forms can be printed, filled in, and photographed or scanned into your computer and emailed to the Foundation. Or forms can be printed, filled in and mailed to the Foundation at RCTC Foundation, 851 30th Avenue SE, Box 56, Rochester, MN 55904.

For photos of our September 2019 event: