High School Counselors are the key to a concurrent enrollment student’s success. Counselors provide advising for course selection, assist with student registration, conduct student assessment, submit student appeals and help determine if course waivers are needed.

To a student or parent of a concurrent enrollment high school program, the high school counselor is the first line of contact to the concurrent enrollment program.

Approved Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Course Information

The annual High School Schedule links contain the concurrent enrollment high school partnerships with RCTC. The following information is provided: Course, Course Title, Course ID, Semester, High School Partner, Number Enrolled/Max, High School Instructor, College Liaisons.

How to…

 Admission Information

High school counselors assist students in the RCTC online application process. Be sure they are prepared with required information as the session will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Please begin this process early spring semester. It is imperative that students include a personal email address on the application, not a school issued email address. Once each student has completed the online application, they will receive communication from the college of their admission status. The communication will contain a student or tech ID that will be required when they take the Accuplacer. The student will also need to activate their Star ID in order to use RCTC E-Services such as D2L/Brightspace, Library access, etc. Click on Star ID more information.

The process for student registration:

1. RCTC College Transition Advisor assists students with application process and subsequently proctors the Accuplacer placement assessment on site at each high school in February and March. Through the application process, students will obtain a StarID, Tech ID and password. It will be received through an automated email sent from MinnState as well as in an acceptance letter for the RCTC Admission and Records Department.

2. Upon completion of the application process, the high school counselor will notify students of their acceptance to RCTC and that they are ready to select their concurrent enrollment course(s).

3. Students, with the assistance of their high schools counselor, review the course description to determine if the course meets their academic needs and if they meet the prerequisite required for the course. The course descriptions and prerequisite information can be found in the college catalog online. A pdf has been provided in the evidence.

4. Registration for both fall and spring semester courses occurs during April and May as part of the student’s regular high school registration. The high school counselor and the RCTC College Transition Advisor assist students with the registration process which includes completing registration cards complete with student signature.

5. Once course choices are complete, the high school counselor and the RCTC College Transition Advisor will send the registration materials to the RCTC Admission and Records staff who will verify information, including prerequisite requirements for each course, and input the courses into the College’s Student Records System. In general the RCTC staff complete all registrations by June 30th.

6. In July the student will go online at to view their concurrent enrollment course schedule. Students will need Tech ID, STAR ID and password to access the information. Students are asked to contact Admissions and Records if questions.

Accuplacer Information

The Accuplacer provides students information relating to basic reading and math skills. There are no specific scores required to be admitted to the Concurrent Enrollment program, however, some courses require a specific score for registration purposes. (Note: some courses have prerequisites that must be met as well.)

Minnesota State policy requires all students take the Accuplacer unless an approved alternative placement method has been utilized. In place of the Accuplacer, students may substitute an ACT score of 21 or higher in Reading for ENGL 1117, a score of 21 or higher in Reading to enroll in all other Liberal Arts courses and a score of 22 or higher in Math for college level Math courses. In place of the Accuplacer, students may substitute an MCA score of 1047 or higher in Reading for ENGL 1117 and all other Liberal Arts courses with a college level reading prerequisite and a score of 1158 or higher in math for college level math courses.

Accuplacer Introduction and Sample Questions

Accuplacer Web-Based Study App

New Student Assessment Placement Testing

Concurrent Student Handbook

Once the class lists are complete, please email them to Brooke Kosok, PSEO Advisor at She will register all concurrent enrollment students. She is also a good source if you have questions about the testing and/or registration process.