PSEO – Application Instructions

PSEO Online Application Instructions

Steps to Successfully Submit your RCTC Application for PSEO enrollment

(The student is attending high school and college at the same time, but the instruction is at the college)

  1. Go to: Select Apply.
  2. Select “Apply for PSEO Admission” in the center of the page.
  3. If you have an existing StarlD, Login with your Star ID and password. If you don’t have an existing StarlD, Create StarlD.
  4. A screen will show your StarlD and password, select login.
  5. If you are creating a StarlD for the first time, you will receive a notice on the next screen indicating your StarlD Successfully Created. Select NEXT.
    • Page 1: Your first, middle and last name should show up as well as your e-mail you used to create your StarlD. Please use your full legal name. Select add former name if you have ever used a different name. Double check your e-mail address as that is what will be used to send you a reply acknowledging your application. Select NEXT if this information is correct.
    • Page 2: Your Social Security Number and date of birth should populate if previously entered. If not, you may enter it here. If you choose to share your social security number, it is very important that it is the correct social security number. Please note the correct format for both numbers. Select NEXT when you are done.
    • Page 3: Answer the question on Military service. Select NEXT when done.
    • Page 4: Answer the questions on parent education. Select NEXT when done.
  6. Screen 2 Citizenship:
    • a) Answer the question on citizenship. If you are not a US Citizen, you will probably mark OTHER.
    • b) If you mark OTHER another window opens which gives you the opportunity to select from three additional statuses. If none of these pertain select OTHER again. Another screen will open up which will explain the Citizenship – Prosperity Act.
    • c) If you question what your status is, please check with your parents or school officials. Select on CONTINUE TO CONTACT.
  7. Screen 3 Contact:
    • Page 1: Answer the questions about your Minnesota residency and how long you have lived here. You need to put a number in both residency boxes. Select NEXT when done.
    • Page 2: Add your permanent mailing address. This is the house where you live and receive your mail. Please be sure to include apartment number, house number, street name or number and correct zip code. If you get your mail at a post office box enter only the PO Box #, usually it isn’t necessary to list a street address as well. Select ADD PERMANENT ADDRESS or your address will not update. This brings you to the address screen to review. Additional addresses are not necessary. Select NEXT when done.
    • Page 3: Enter at least one phone number. Use dashes as indicated. You may enter your home and/or mobile phone numbers. Select CONTINUE TO EDUCATION when finished.
  8. Screen 4 Education:
    • Page1 : Are you currently in high school? Indicate yes. Select NEXT to continue.
    • Page 2: Read the information shown on top of this page. Locate your Minnesota High School by using the toggle arrows. Indicate your expected future graduation date using mm/yyyy. An example would be: 06/2015. It is very important to list your expected graduation date.
    • Page 3: Education School Preparation Standards – skip this page and Select NEXT to continue
    • Page 4: Education School Preparation Standards – skip this page and Select NEXT to continue
    • Page 5: Education School Preparation Standards – skip this page and Select NEXT to continue
    • Page 6: Education Colleges or universities you have attended. If you have attended other colleges, select ADD INSTITUTIOTN. This would include classes taken elsewhere as a PSEOP or concurrent enrollment student.
      • Page 6A: Education College/University attended. Locate the state your other college is in; indicate the start and end date that you attended. Use the dates as shown above – mm/yyyy. For example: 09/2014 (Start) 12/2014 (End). Indicate the degree earned if one was earned. Select + ADD THIS INSTITUTIOIN. If you don’t select this, your record will not update. This will bring you to another screen to review the other colleges you have entered. Repeat this if you have additional colleges. When done entering colleges, select on CONTINUE TO CONFIDENTIAL.
  9. Screen 5 Confidential – Demographic Information:
    • Read the statement at the top. Indicate your Gender and your Race or Ethnic background. Select CONTINUE TO MAJOR when done.
  10. Screen 6 Major:
    • Page 1: Application Term. Indicate which term you plan to attend. PSEOP classes are only held in the Fall and Spring sessions. Do not select summer session. Select NEXT when done.
    • Page 2 : Application type. Indicate Post-Secondary Enrollment Options( PSEO) Student. Select NEXT when done.
    • Page 3: Select the option that best describes your educational goal. Then indicate if you plan to attend as Full time or part time. Select NEXT to continue when done.
    • Page 4: Major – Academic Program. Select +Add Major/Program
    • Page 5: Major – Academic Program of Interest.
      • a) Preferred delivery method for PSEOP is ON CAMPUS. Locate it by using the toggle arrows.
      • b) Desired major/academic program: Use the toggle arrows to locate the major PSEO – JOINT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. This must be your first major.
      • c) Desired degree/award: there will only be one choice and that is UNKNOWN. The toggle arrow will only show this one choice. Select ADD THIS MAJOR to make sure it accepts the major. If you don’t do this part, the major will not be added.
      • d) At this point if you know what area of study you are interested in, you may add another major as your 2nd choice and follow the same steps. We will automatically enter Liberal Arts as your second major unless you choose another choice.
      • e) Select ADD THIS MAJOR to make sure it accepts the 2nd major. If you don’t do this part, the major will not be added. You will be directed to a new screen that indicates Major-Academic Program. Here you can review the majors you entered.
    • Page 6: Major – Application Information.
      • a) Have you attended RCTC before? Indicate Yes or No. If you have attended RCTC before indicate the last date of attendance to the best of your ability. Use the date format as shown above: mm/yyyy. Select CONTINUE TO REVIEW when done.
  11. Screen 7 Application Review:
    • Page 1: Review the information shown.
      • a) If you find an error, Select THE SECTION TITLE (in blue on the far left) TO EDIT THE INFORMATION. Please note: If you do Select the section title to edit, you will be brought back to the original page you want to edit. and you will be directed to navigate through the links as indicated above again. This would be a great time to review all the data as you move through.
      • b) Select CONTINUE TO SUBMIT APPLICATION when you are done.
      • a) Check the box in the gray rectangle after reading the three statements. There is no PROMO CODE so skip that area. Note: The “Select All” box is there to use if you have more than one college application in process at the same time and you wish to submit them all at the same time.
      • b) Verify StarlD Password by re-entering your Password. This must be done in order to select SUBMIT SELECTED APPLICATIONS.
      • c) You will see a little spinning disc until the application is accepted. Once complete it will return to a screen indicating the status of your application. If you log out and log back in again, you will be able to see your updated status and what items you need for completion of your PSEO application. If you do not get this screen, you have not successfully submitted your application. Check through the data again to see what might be missing. Then resubmit. Be sure to read through this information.
  12. Be sure to Log Out of your record.
  13. You will receive two e-mails.
    • 1) One will be from RCTC with your RCTC Stinger ID. There will also be a link to return to your “Application Status” screen.
    • 2) The second one (a few days later) will be from Brooke Kosok with information about the PSEO program.