PSEO – Returning Student Registration

Register for the 2022 Fall Semester as a PSEO Student

  • PSEO students that have 1+ earned credits – March 22
  • PSEO students that have 0 earned credits – March 23

Students must see Brooke Kosok BEFORE they can register on their designated registration date; students can start to meet with Brooke to plan/verify their semester schedule. Schedule an appointment online with Brooke Kosok. The schedule is available online

Please print the PSEO Counter Registration Form and bring it to your appointment. If you have not turned in your MDE Notice of Student Registration Form that was mailed to you, then you will have to turn this in as well before you can register.

All registration (with advisor signature) will be completed in the Welcome and One Stop Center.


Return 2022 Spring Semester Textbooks by May 11

All PSEO students must return Spring Semester textbooks to the RCTC Bookstore by May 11. All textbooks are the property of RCTC. If textbooks are not returned a Hold will be placed on your record which will keep your transcripts from leaving RCTC, as well as, keeping you from registering for any future terms. You will also receive a bill for any textbooks not returned by the deadline. If textbooks are returned damaged, as determined by the Bookstore, you will be responsible for the cost of the textbook.