Policy: Admissions (3.4)


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 (System Policy 3.4)

Part 1: Purpose: Rochester Community and Technical College is a comprehensive consolidated college offering occupational certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees; liberal arts/transfer associate degrees; and continuing education/customized training offerings.  Students who can demonstrate ability to benefit from Rochester Community and Technical College offerings will be admitted to the College.

Part 2: Requirements: The basic requirement for admittance to Rochester Community and Technical College is a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) certificate.  A person who has neither a high school diploma nor a GED certificate may be admitted if that person demonstrates potential for collegiate success.  The Registrar, in consultation with other appropriate Rochester Community and Technical College staff, will make the admittance determination for non-high school or GED certificate students. The decision of the Registrar is final.

Part 3: Application Deadline: Rochester Community and Technical College requires application deadlines prior to the start of each term, typically two weeks prior to the fall term and one week prior to spring term. (There is no application deadline for summer term.) International admission deadlines include 30 days prior to start of term for international students currently in the United States of America and 60 days prior to start of term for students outside of the United States of America.  All application deadlines for each term shall be posted on the application webpage up to one year in advance. Students who miss the application deadline may appeal to the Director of Admissions using the late application appeal form, located in Admissions and Records. The decision on late admission to Rochester Community and Technical College is final.

Part 4: Eligibility: Admission to Rochester Community and Technical College does not guarantee admission to college-level courses or programs of study. Academic administrations and faculty have established standards for admission into programs of study.  Program admission decisions can be appealed using the Student Grievance process. (See RCTC Policy 3.8 – Student Grievance)

Applicants are expected to document admission eligibility by submitting official transcripts to Rochester Community and Technical College.  Applicants unable to present traditional documentation of educational preparations shall be individually evaluated.  International students shall be considered for admission if their scholarship preparation is judged to be equivalent to the admission requirements of the general population applicant.  Lack of English skills should not be a barrier to admission or participation.  In order to eliminate barriers, appropriate measures are taken to assess each student’s ability to participate and benefit through placement testing and counseling.  Based on assessment and counseling outcomes, students are provided with campus services or a referral to community services to be better prepared for successful participation.  However, international students who are not native speakers of English shall be required to demonstrate proficiency in English on a standardized test selected by Rochester Community and Technical College.

Current high school students looking to enroll at Rochester Community and Technical College not through Post-Secondary Enrollment Options or concurrent enrollment options who can demonstrate readiness for the collegiate experience, as determined by the college, may be admitted. In this case, students must provide an official high school transcript and letter of recommendation from a high school administrator demonstrating college readiness. The Registrar makes the final decision on high school student admissions.

In accordance with system procedure 3.4.1, students on academic suspension from a Minnesota State college or university shall not be admitted to another college or university in the system during the term of their suspension unless they can demonstrate potential for success in a particular program of study to which they apply. All students will use the standard Rochester Community and Technical College application form.

Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 5/28/2008
Revisions Adopted: 2/28/17