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Section 1: You Need a Strategy!


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Section 1: You Need a Strategy!


You need a Strategy!

Welcome to the Employment Strategy Online Resource Center for RCTC Business students! The goal of this website is to encourage you to see gaining employment as a process that requires a strategy.

You know, one plays softball and has a strategy, and one uses a strategy when playing board games. More importantly, many of you may have a strategy for finishing my college education.

However, many students just before graduation whip together a resume, make 30 copies, and mail it to dozens of companies in hopes of gaining the first job.

(Insert the sound of crickets chirping while you wait to receive a phone call from non-existent future employers.)

Clearly, this “strategy” does not work very well.

Maybe you plan to get a job because you know the right people. Or, maybe you plan to rely upon a union or placement agency to move you in the right direction. Or, maybe the laser printer in the computer lab is still hot from printing 30 copies of your resume.

While people get hired using the above methods, it is not the best approach. Job satisfaction, to be defined later, can be higher if you put together an effective employment strategy.

The purpose of this resource center is to guide you through the steps of defining an effective employment strategy that fits you and your goals.

Benefits of an Effective Employment Strategy

• More Money
• Better Hours
• Better Training
• Better Benefits
• More Vacation Time
• Greater Advancement Opportunities
• Higher job satisfaction

Everything you will work on throughout this website is designed to set you apart from others competing for the job you want.

Commit now to working through this website completely and finishing strong with a winning, effective strategy.

If you complete all of the contents in this website, you will have:

• An effective employment strategy
• A resume and cover letter that sets you apart from others in your field
• Powerful and effective interviewing skills
• Impressive references
• A 5 year plan for your work, education, personal life, and finances

Let’s get started!