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Section 1: Understanding Yourself:


Section 1

Understanding Yourself:

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Section 1: Understanding Yourself:

Career Survey

Right now, you are most likely “locked-in” to an educational program of some sorts.  Thus, one might think it a waste of time to take a career survey.

In fact, you probably have taken a myriad of tests to determine a suitable career.  While these tests can be helpful, the results can be misleading, too.  As we grow, we change and thus past results of such tests become less relevant.

Regardless of whether or not you are locked-in to a program, here is a fact that may shock you:

People change jobs for many reasons.  Low pay, lack of benefits, downsizing and location all play a role in switching jobs.

In addition, the dream of working for a company for 30 years and then retiring is a thing of the past.  Many of our parents and grandparents enjoyed this security and stability.  This just does not happen much anymore.

Technology changes, life changes, and a global economy make it very difficult to stay in one position at one company for a lifetime.

Thus, in order to have an effective employment strategy, you need to understand yourself.  Knowing what you enjoy and are “good at” may help you recover from a layoff more quickly, or decide which classes to take on the side while you work later on in life.  More importantly, it will make you a more effective job-seeker in your current situation.

The Internet has many career survey tools.  The Temperament Sorter II Personality Instrument is a wonderful tool to help you understand yourself through your personality.

Many times personality traits can define a person’s career interests.

Work with your instructor to complete the Temperament Sorter II. 


You should again process your thoughts in an effort to understand this process.

Consult your instructor for guidance on writing another thought paper about your career survey.