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Section 2: MUST READ



Section 2: MUST READ

Before we move into the rest of this site, it is important to understand why this section is organized the way that it is.

Most people understand that the cover letter is read first by a potential employer.  After the cover letter is read, the resume is then reviewed.  However, this textbook will cover the resume package in a different order to help you understand the continuity involved.

This textbook covers the resume package (cover letter, resume, references, and letters of recommendation (L.O.R.)) in the following order:

Resume          First, because it helps define the references and cover letter.

References     Covered second, because the best reference page is based on the contents of the resume.

L.O.R.             Covered third, because you seek these after references have been established.

Cover Letter  Covered fourth, because it can be complex and should reference both the resume and the reference page.



The following pages illustrate how these documents flow together.