Law Enforcement Program Study Options

Students may choose from the following programs of study:

RCTC Law Enforcement program is currently in the process of revising all law enforcement program sheets to meet the transfer pathway requirements. As soon as the changes have been approved by Faculty/administration AASC, new program sheets will be provided. The intended implementation date is Fall 2017.

*** The Certificate program is designed for individuals that currently have a degree from another regionally accredited College or University and are looking to become MN POST Board eligible. Acceptance into the Certificate program can only be done with the approval of the Academic program Leader ***

*** Grade of “C” or better is required of all general education and Law Enforcement course requirements.****


Law Enforcement – A.S.

Law Enforcement – A.A.S.

Law Enforcement – Certificate (This program is only available to individuals that already possess a two or four year degree in any field from another accredited college or university. You must get the Academic Program Leaders permission to enroll.)

Criminal Justice – A.S.