Music Programs Study Options

Students may choose from the following programs of study:

Music Department Degrees and Programs

The RCTC music department offers music courses to all majors. We have two primary goals in our music offerings.

First, and foremost, RCTC music department offers courses in music for a liberal arts education for all students. We believe that a strong liberal arts education, no matter your major, will enhance your goal toward life-long learning and that the arts in general will continue to develop and expand your personal creativity and synthesis of personal expression.

Second, the goal of the music department is to offer courses in preparation to those students who intend to major or minor in music.

Music Technology

RCTC state-of-the-art facilities and classes offer you a “hands-on” approach to music recording and electronic music composition. Students have access to five unique studios including two surround sound studios. Classes include: Electronic Music Composition I and II and Audio Production I and II.

Music Theory

RCTC offers part of the Music Theory sequence that all music majors and minors complete toward a bachelor’s degree. The class sequence includes two semesters of Basic Musicianship.

Music History and Literature

RCTC offers the Music History sequence as well as courses such as World Music and Popular Music.

Private Study

Both instrumental and vocal private study is available. Also available are voice, piano, and guitar group classes.