Music Program – Scholarships

Each year, the RCTC Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships to incoming, returning, and graduating students, totaling over $200,000.

Contact the RCTC Foundation Office at 507-281-7770, or visit the RCTC Foundation website for updated information

There are four RCTC Music Scholarships that are awarded each year.

  • Rick Stelling Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles Hill Music Scholarship
  • Susan Dobbe Memorial Scholarship
  • MLT Group Scholarship

In addition to these scholarships, be sure to apply for state and federal aid by contacting our Financial Aid Office. Here is a list of other resources to consider for additional sources of funding for your education.

  • Alliss Grant – The Alliss Grant is available for students who will be attending College after having been out of school for 7 years or longer. Other qualifications also apply. If approved, this grant will pay the tuition and textbook costs for one course, up to five credits.
  • RCTC Counseling Office – The College Blue Book of Scholarships, local Scholarship competitions, and scholarship notices by program are all available through the Counseling Department.
  • Reciprocity Agreements – If you are a student from North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin, you may qualify for a reduced tuition rate if you are attending a Minnesota College. Contact the Admissions Office for more information on how to apply.
  • High School Counseling Office – Your high school counselor may have information about local scholarships that are available.
  • Search the Internet – Several scholarship searches are available to help students find dollars for education. FastWeb and MACH25 are just two of the many scholarship searches available.
  • American Indian Scholarship Resources – Special Scholarships for Native American Students are available. For more information, contact your local tribal education office or visit these websites: and
  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs – Check with your Employer to see if they will reimburse employees for College coursework.
  • Clubs and Organizations – Check with your local Jaycees, Optimists, and/or Lions clubs as well as banks, churches, businesses and other groups to see if they offer scholarships.
  • Library – Use your local Library and the College Library to seek out scholarship sources.