Natural Science Program

Career/Program Overview

RCTC’s Natural Science Associate in Science degree program is designed to articulate with a four year degree in the sciences.  Transfer students will find that this degree fits well with many Chemistry, Biology, and Physics programs.  This two-year degree includes basic science curriculum to fulfill many requirements for pre-professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic, and engineering.  Students are strongly encouraged to check with the professional school(s) of their choice to ensure that specific requirements are fulfilled.


Coursework includes Introduction to Physics I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Principles of Nutrition and Fundamentals of Statistics.  General education requirements include courses in written and oral communications, biology, chemistry, calculus I and II, cultural anthropology, and ethics.

Program/Degree Options

RCTC’s Natural Science Associate in Science degree is 60 credits in length.

Program Start Date(s)

Students can begin general education requirements any semester.

Career Opportunities/Information

This degree is specifically designed for transfer into a bachelor’s degree.


The Higher Learning Commission accredits Rochester Community and Technical College.

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