Writing – Tips

Writing Area – Student Tips

When revising…

  • Concentrate on large-scale issues
  • Refine your focus if necessary
  • Reassess your reason for writing and your process
  • Check the distribution and balance of your ideas
  • Judge whether you’ve met your commitments
  • Assess how well your paper works for its intended purposes
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your organization
  • Fill in any gaps in information.

When proofreading…

  • Check spelling, grammar, and usage
  • Eliminate inconsistencies
  • Get the punctuation right
  • Double-check spelling
  • Eliminate typographical errors
  • Check the format of your paper.

When editing…

  • Sharpen your language
  • Check your word choice
  • Lop out wordiness
  • Test your transitions
  • Polish your opening and closing
  • Use a style checker if available
  • Check the format of your paper.