Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Be Prepared

  • Understand the evacuation plan.
  • Know at least two ways out of the building from your regular workspace.

When You Hear the Evacuation Alarm Or Are Verbally Told To Begin Evacuating The Building:

  • Remain calm.
  • Leave quickly.
  • Try to make sure that everyone in your immediate vicinity hears the alarm and evacuates the area.
  • As you exit, quickly check nearby restrooms, copier rooms, storage rooms, elevators, etc.
  • If requested, accompany and assist persons with disabilities who appear to need direction or assistance.
  • Take with you: essential personal items ONLY. Do not attempt to take large or heavy objects.
  • Shut all doors behind you as you go. Closed doors can slow the spread of fire, smoke and water.
  • Proceed as quickly as possible but in an orderly manner. Do not push or shove. Hold handrails when you are using stairs.
  • Once out of the building, proceed to the nearest Code Blue emergency pole located in parking lot.