Reporting Crime

Reporting Disruptive or Violent Behavior

Contact Campus Safety immediately by calling 507-285-7262 from a cellular phone, or extension 7262 from any classroom or office phone, or use one of the emergency Code Blues located in the parking lots to make immediate contact with 9-1-1 personnel. Only activate an emergency phone if an immediate police, fire or ambulance response is required.

Furnish any pertinent information:

  • Location
  • Nature of incident
  • Description/identity of those involved
  • Whereabouts of perpetrators
  • Whereabouts of victims
  • Description of what transpired
  • Any related information

When reporting an incident of crime on campus, all information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality. Please identify yourself to Campus Safety. Your identity will be afforded all due confidentiality. We encourage members of our campus community to report any criminal activity promptly. Safety and security on campus is a cooperative effort.

Upon receipt of notification of a crime occurring on campus, Campus Safety Officers will respond to the scene immediately. The Rochester Police Department will be contacted and Campus Security Officers will secure the area. The Rochester Police will take charge of the investigative process. Campus Safety staff shall assist the Rochester Police Department as directed.