Secure File Transfer

MoveItSecurely is an application licensed through the Minnesota State System that allows you to transfer confidential and large files securely to another person via a secure server. You can also send to or initiate a file request from people outside of the MinnState system. This service is available to faculty, staff, and students with a StarID.

There are two main options: 

  1. Send Package
  2. Request Files


  • Go to the MinnState secure file transfer site.
  • Log in with your StarID and Password.
  • In the service portal, select “Packages”.
  • Select either “Send Package” or “Request Files”.
  • You may specify a “Delivery Receipt” and/or Prevent “Reply All” from the recipient.
  • You can indicate how many days the recipient has to download the file(s) from their MoveItSecurely “Inbox”. Files can be saved for up to 14 days.
  • Log back into the MinnState secure file transfer portal, and check new inbox messages if necessary.

* More documentation for the MoveItSecurely file transfer service.