Virtual Computer Labs

Virtual RCTC Windows Computer Labs (Remote Access)

Connect to an RCTC Windows lab computer remotely, or from home.

      • Access the same Windows desktop environment and specific software applications you’d find in our computer labs.


      1. First, Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop for your platform (WindowsMacChromebook)
      2. Visit the Virtual RCTC Computer Labs to find an available computer.
      3. Select “Connect”, then “Download” the computer “rdp” connection.
      4. Depending on your web browser, you will need to find the file that was downloaded and click on the file, or right-click and select open with Microsoft Remote Desktop.
      5. A warning will display. Click “Connect”. 
      6. Log in: StarID and password
      7. When you are finished with your lab computer. Close all apps and then rightclick the Start Menu button on the bottom left of the desktop.  Then select Shutdown or sign out and finally sign out.  DO NOT simply click the X on the blue toolbar since this will not Logoff the computer and make it available for someone else to use. 

Please Note: If another student tries to log in to your computer, it will show you a prompt asking whether you want to allow that student to login. If you Click on OK, it will terminate your session and the other student gets access to the computer. Also, if you do not take any action, it will automatically log you out in 30 seconds. And if you Click on Cancel you will stay logged in. 

Also Note: It’s important for students to go the website above each time that you want to connect.  The website is updated to indicate which workstations are currently available.