Wifi Service

For wireless service on campus, please use the following steps:

  1. Select the “RCTC (password: rctcwifi)”  wireless service on the mobile device you wish to use.
  2. Enter the password “rctcwifi”.
  3. A registration page will appear on your mobile device browser.
  4. Select your registration option (employee/students or guest) and follow the prompts.

Note: Employee/Student registration is for current RCTC employees and students using their StarID credentials. All others should select the guest registration, except WSU users who should use Warrior.


You can now print from your wireless device when logged into the RCTC Wifi.




Recently, Rochester Community and Technical College expanded the wireless network options to include the Eduroam network. This new network service provides users from participating Eduroam institutions (including RCTC & WSU) with basic wireless internet access using their institution’s credentials. As a participating institution, RCTC users can access the Eduroam network at all participating institutions (including MinnState locations) using their StarID@minnstate.edu or StarID@go.minnstate.edu credentials.


This means that you, as a member of RCTC, have easy wireless internet access with your StarID@minnstate.edu or StarID@go.minnstate.edu credentials if you are ever visiting any of the 600+ participating Eduroam institutions.


More information about Eduroam can be found at the official MINNESOTA STATE Eduroam information page, including a list of all participating institutions.


** Some important notes:

  1. The Eduroam network does not provide access to campus resources like mobile printing.
  2. RCTC and WSU-Rochester students, faculty, and staff should continue to use RCTCwifi, Warrior, or Wazoo while on campus.


For any questions you might have, our Technical Support Center is always happy to help – via several options:

  • Walk-in Support – RCTC Main Campus (Goddard Library 100)
  • Phone Support – 507.536.5555
  • Email Support – tech.help@rctc.edu

FOR ANDROID                                                                   

Connect to EduRoam using your STARID and

password by selecting the following options



Connect to eduroam using your STARID and password.

Select TRUST if you are prompted for certificate approval for radius.mnstate.us.