How Students Can Host a  Zoom Video Meeting

Signing In

  1. Go to https://minnstate.zoom.us
  2. Select “Host – Start a Meeting
  3. Sign In using StarID and password.
  4. To invite others, share the meeting web address or specific meeting ID (number at the end of web address).


Hosting a Meeting

If you do NOT have the Zoom app installed, go to https://minnstate.zoom.us and select “Host – Start a meeting” to start the installation.

Zoom Options

If you DO have the App installed:

  1. Open your Zoom app on your desktop (or mobile device) and select Sign In.
  2. Using the SSO (single sign-on) option, Log in using your  StarID and password.
  3. After selecting “Sign In with SSO”… Enter “minnstate” into the company domain, then Continue.
    Zoom SSO Minnstate
  4. Click the downward arrow and select Start with video, then click New Meeting to start an instant meeting.
  5. Invite participants by sharing the meeting URL or the distinct meeting ID # (the number at the end of the URL).

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