A tunnel to a terrifyingly good time

By Luis Enrique Cisneros Pito 

Arts and Entertainment Editor

You’ll never know who you’ll meet in the Tunnel of Terror. (Echo Photo by Lydia Smith)

Halloween is just around the corner like a creepy clown, but many have not thought about how to celebrate this spooky holiday.

It is no surprise that many students have not even given a thought of what to do this Halloween, with midterms, part-time jobs, and family affairs piling sky high.

However, before the holiday fades to the back of the to-do list, Rochester Community and Technical College’s Student Life will be putting on their very own spooky reminder.

From Oct. 24-Oct. 28, Student Life will be luring you to the Tunnel of Terror to promote its trip to Valley Scare. Follow the monster footprints leading to the Atrium to the Tunnel of Terror between Coffman Center and Memorial Hall.

Students, get your bag ready and keep your wits about you as the Tunnel of Terror invades the halls of RCTC. This tunnel of tricks will incorporate a variety of spooky Halloween treats to the senses for students to scream about. Expect the unexpected when you see the terrifying ghoulish creatures that inhabit the Tunnel of Terror.

Those brave enough to walk through will be treated to a little bit of the nightmarish spirit of Halloween untainted by mid terms and stress.

This small but frighteningly good treat is to highlight the ValleySCARE trip on Oct. 28. Sponsored by Student Life, those brave enough to venture past the tunnel to ValleySCARE can get the bus ride, meal, and admission to the park at a discounted fee.

Prior to discounts tickets are $25 for students and $35 for non-students and guests. Students interested can purchase their tickets at the cashier’s office or speak with RCTC’s Student Life for more details.

The bus leaves at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 28 at the Sports Center parking lot. It is scheduled to return by midnight.

Stay on your toes and keep your eyes peeled for what is to come haunting the halls of RCTC before you find yourself in the Tunnel of Terror.

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