Got a question about the latest art exhibit?

Everywhere you look at RCTC, you will see students with jobs and perhaps many more that are trying to find one that will work with their busy schedules. Rebakah Lobdell says her position as a work-study student in the art gallery is “the best way to make use of my time.”

Crossfit coach recalls time with Olympians

Kendrick Bachman, a coach at the Crossfit Credence gym in Rochester, currently attends RCTC for a few classes. As an athlete and a swimmer, he’s also had the opportunity to swim against and hang out with professional swimmers like Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Matt Grevers, Brendan Hansen, and Aaron Peirson.

Earth Science students are seeing stars Ò in 3D

“What we’ll be using is the HTTC Vive, which is one of the kinds of goggles you can use for virtual reality,” said Dr. John Tacinelli, describing new virtual reality lab technology RCTC is using thanks to a grant from Minnesota State.