Answered tears: Poem by Luis Cordova

Poor despondent soul

How its light has been so muted

And its vessel felt so foul

For it never felt so loved


For the coat of flesh, it bear

Would become its own surgical instrument

Of demise and useless air

Wishing only love was sent


As depression was its closest friend

And anxiety was its blanket of pity

Always feeling like a fiend

Waiting for serenity


Keeping its calm through slit wrist

And dripping tears in only red

Silently screaming from its chest

To no longer dread


How the spirit’s anchor

Allowed society to bath it in insecurities

Dwindling in passion and temper

Accepting all impurities


If only the dying life

Echoed for warmth and empathy

Before embracing the knife

And losing humanity


Before the word pain became its own entity

And mutilated jubilation

Before the souls’ eyes sang misery

And before the tears have been marred with the word’s caution


Yet such sorrow unable to be seen

For the now skinless ghost

Hid behind a mask to stay unseen

As its hollow face fooled more than most


Its smiles hid the tears

The laughs hid the screams

Keeping the masquerade for years

Things were never as they seemed always bottled in such fears


The phantom that once took breath

Wished to be free

Seeking death

Savoring such glee


And before the heart would cease to exist

Before it would fall into an eternal slumber with its blade

Before the wings spread and its last pulse could rest

Before the tormented spirit could fade


It never understood

Just how much it would be missed.

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