Bring your troubles to the Learning Center

Get help at the Learning Center.

By Drew Brinker
Staff Writer

Having trouble learning a math or science concept? Need some help with a reading assignment, or wanting some guidance on an essay? The Learning Center is the place to go!

Located at AT306, the Learning Center is equipped with drop-in tutoring and information to aid students in math, science, reading, and writing courses throughout the school year, as well as answering computer-related questions. All RCTC and WSU students have free, unlimited access to resources and tutors by signing in with their student ID.

The math section of the Learning Center provides a welcoming environment. Bring homework to study or receive help from the talented tutors available. While helping solve specific problems, Learning Center math tutors also encourage individual growth as a critical thinker and help students comprehend mathematical concepts. The goal is to help students fully understand the material and ultimately enable them to complete classes independently.

Echo photos by Abigail Furutani

In the science section of the Learning Center, students have access to qualified tutors who can help them with any science and accounting-related questions they may have.

Students also have access to scientific models and equipment to enhance their studies. Students are encouraged and welcomed to take advantage of the great environment and work one-on-one with a tutor, form study groups, or work independently.The Literacy Center, located within the Learning Center, is dedicated to giving students confidence and comprehension of the materials they are reading for classes so that they can succeed. There are certified tutors to assist students in READ 800/900 and English 950/960 classes. There are tables available if students would like to study together.

The writing section of the Learning Center has knowledgeable tutors who focus on developing a student’s growth as a writer and strengthening their skills. Students have the option to schedule an appointment with a tutor or receive help from an available drop-in tutor. While students can expect help, they should not expect the tutor to “fix” their paper for them.

Writing Center tutor Jennifer Schnaedter reviews a paper with a student at the Learning Center.

In the Learning Center there are computers and printers available to students, which can be used for working on assignments. Tech-savvy tutors have the knowledge to guide students through any aspects of computer use. They provide tutoring in the basics of D2l, RCTC and WSU software, as well as more complex applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Don’t need help and just want to study? Computers and table space are available for those needing a place to study.

Regardless of your needs, the Learning Center welcomes all students. With so many resources readily available, they encourage everyone to take advantage of the instruction they have to offer. All that is required to make use of the Learning Center is a student ID, an assignment, and a positive attitude.

See you there!

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