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‘Art is kind of what you see,’ Gallery worker says

By Faith Boyum
Managing Editor

Everywhere you look at RCTC, you will see students with jobs and perhaps many more that are trying to find one that will work with their busy schedules.

Rebekah Lobdell is one such student who is in her first year at RCTC.  She has a work-study position in the Art Gallery. She is also single mom returning to school so that she can enroll in the dental hygiene program next fall.

“I wanted a job where I could definitely study,” she said.

The Art Gallery is one where she can easily study when the art exhibit is not busy as well as fit it between her classes. For her, it works especially well because she was able to get as many hours as possible between her classes and be able to pick up her child from day care.

Echo photo by Faith Boyum
Rebekah Lobdell, a work-study student at the RCTC Art Gallery, likes the flexibility of the job because she’s a single parent returning to school.

Her job description mostly entails being available to answer any questions that students might have about the exhibit and helping with the opening night of new exhibits. These nights allow people to talk to the artists and gain insight into the meanings and motivations behind their works.

On this night, Lobdell helps by setting up food and coffee for the event, but for the most part, her job is low key. In fact, most of the questions she gets are from people who need directions. This lack of questions does not surprise her, though.

“Art is kind of what you see,” she said. It may not be something that people want concrete or right and wrong answers to.

Lobdell enjoys working in the art exhibit for a number of reasons. It allows her to have a creative job since she enjoyed her Art Appreciation class and wanted to be able to keep in touch with her former instructor. It also works well with her schedule because work study positions factor in a student’s need to study as well as pay for their education.

“For me it was the best way to make use of my time.”

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