Need a ride? You got it – and it’s free!

By Isaac Sindt

Graphics Manager

Echo photo by Abigail Furutani
Students board buses for a free ride to downtown Rochester as part of a new agreement between RCTC and Rochester Public Transit that grants students free rides on any of the buses in the RPT system.

New and returning students alike may have noticed the signs plastered on almost every bulletin board throughout the RCTC campus this semester, but in case you missed them, or if you are wanting to know more, we’ve got you covered.

Although it’s not a free ride as most college students have heard of them, it’s about as literal as one can get. Earlier this year, the Rochester City Council approved a deal between RCTC and the Rochester Public Transport  (RPT) which involved a trade-off to aid both RCTC students and the Rochester community’s transportation crisis.

This three-year agreement allows for RPT to use nearly 750 parking spots in the outer west lots of the RCTC for its Park & Ride program. In return for this, RCTC students get a new bus route and a free ride anywhere in Rochester through the RPT bus system.

A new route (3D) was added as part of the agreement, and is active during peak hours of the day. It provides a direct route between RCTC and St. Mary’s hospital downtown.

As for the free ride? The next time you catch the bus, all you have to do is show the driver your valid RCTC student ID.

This could save frequent users of the Rochester Public Transport system anywhere from $80 to $250 per semester.

To learn more about RPT and other bus routes, visit their website at

Questions or comments relating to the new RPT/RCTC agreement can be directed to Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Michael Anthony at

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