New year, new Student Senate: Officers set goals for 2017-2018 academic year

By Lydia Hansen

Managing Editor

Sarah Brakebill-Hacke, Carter McKenzie, Steven Henderson and Hazel Thorp are the incoming officers for the RCTC Student Senate. (Echo Photo by Lydia Hansen)

Student President: Sarah Brakebill-Hacke

Enrollment: one semester, also attended in 2005

Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences, intending to pursue English, linguistics, and law

Goals: “I want to make sure the way decisions are made about money and the way students are served is done the way they want and that their voice is heard. I also want to give the vote on the Student Senate executive board back to the students. I think most schools elect their own student senate and it seems like we’re the oddballs in that regard.”

Other activities: Phi Theta Kappa


Student Vice President: Carter McKenzie

Enrollment: John Marshall junior, second semester as PSEO student

Major: Engineering or Applied Health Sciences with a minor in foreign languages like Arabic

Goals: “I’d like to get a lot more fundraising going on, like the Out of the Darkness walk. We’re also working on a replacement for the Accuplacer test because we feel it’s an unfair assessment of students. There are people who would do well in a program who get turned away because of a bad test day. Also, my job is to help the clubs, so I’d like to visit all the clubs and attend a meeting at each one.”

Other activities: John Marshall football and track teams, Rochester Chess Club, and volunteering with church.


Student Secretary: Steven Henderson

Enrollment: on and off for three years

Major: Graduating as Advanced Hospital Nursing Assistant, and next year with a degree in Business Administration

Goals: “To be able to help the students with diverse backgrounds get access to or information on ways to be helped. I’m African-American, so when I first got here I wasn’t familiar with a lot of things. I didn’t feel comfortable asking for help. I want other students not to have that problem.”

Other activities: Project Legacy (Rochester organization for struggling African-American youths) and Why You (provides African-American college professionals with mentorship and career advice)


Student Treasurer: Hazel Thorp

Enrollment: two years

Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Goals: “To be more involved with campus and what’s going on. Just knowing where you can make a difference. Maybe advertising for more events and services so students know what’s going on.”

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