Proposed club to promote conservative ideals

By Angelina Labonne

Managing Editor

As this country prepares for what will no doubt be the most difficult presidential election to date, a lot of students find themselves questioning what they stand for and who they should support.

For many millennials this is probably the first time participating in choosing the next president, and for those of you who have already participated, then you are aware that you can never have too much information about politics and the ever changing government that controls so much of our life.

No matter if you are a first time voter, a veteran, or someone who is curious about what politics means for you. A fellow student of yours might be able to provide some insight and knowledge not only this political season but also the days that follow.

Young conservative student Kelly Erpelding is enthusiastic about her goals for RCTC and the new club she hopes to see emerge, Young Americans for Freedom.

Erpelding initially was inspired by the late Tom Hosier, a former RCTC health and physical education teacher, explaining that, “He was very passionate about helping veterans and keeping people informed on American history, which are two priorities for YAF.”

Young Americans for Freedom would be a chapter of a larger organization referred to as the Young Americans Foundation. The goal of this club would be to bring conservative students together in a safe place where they can openly share their views in a place that is free from judgment, but instead full of education and information.

“It is not our goal to alienate liberals,” Erpelding said. “I just want conservative students to be informed and empowered to use their freedom of speech. I want them to know that they have support.”

The YAF foundation works through guest speakers, events, conferences, and campus groups to bring students with similar values together, and although it can be characterized as a Christian or Republican group, it is unaffiliated with either political party or any religious group.

Erpelding has begun the process of creating a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at RCTC by bringing her case to the Student Senate. If it gets approved, she will officially be able to announce this group as the newest club at RCTC and welcome any and all students who feel an interest in the club or simply want to know more.

College is the time when young adults learn to take a stand for what we believe in and find out what issues we are passionate about. If you feel like YAF might be a passion for you, feel free to contact Erpelding ( and become part of the Young Americans for Freedom on campus.

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