Student creativity central to Drama Club production

Submitted photo
Drama Club member Elijah Honermann rehearses for the upcoming fall showcase.

By Drew Brinker
Staff Writer

This November, students can look forward to a fall-themed showcase, a production put on by the Drama Club.

“My vision is to have a night full of fun, fall-like pieces where people can come and enjoy themselves. And even though the show will take place after Halloween, we’re hoping to continue the celebration and spirit of the holiday,” said Rachel Weaver, president of the Drama Club.

The showcase includes “The Big Toe,” a classic American folk tale about a young boy who discovers a mysterious toe in his garden; “In the Corn,” a poem written by Robert Fox (not to be confused with Robert Frost) where everything is not what it seems; “Monster Therapy,” an original comedic piece written by Weaver; and more eclectic short stories, tales, and poems.

“I chose a wide variety of pieces because I wanted to reach a wide variety of people,” Weaver said. “My hope is that the audience will pick up on the symbolism hidden in the pieces and recognize the lessons in it, and of course, have fun!”

The Drama Club invites students to join them at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 16, for a festive night full of some familiar and not-so-familiar tales.

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