Students raise nearly $7,500 at Polar Plunge

By Isaac Sindt
Photo Editor

All 47 law enforcement students participated in the Polar Plunge, a fund-raiser for the Special Olympics, that was held at Foster Arend Park in Rochester as part of Winterfest. (Echo Photo by Isaac Sindt)

This year’s Polar Plunge was record breaking for the RCTC Law Enforcement skills students with more than $7,000 raised for the Special Olympics.

For years, RCTC Skills Instructor and Academic Program Leader Randy Mohawk, who is also a licensed Peace Officer and ex-Marine, has been pushing his students to do the Polar Plunge. This year was no different.

“In years past, I have challenged the Law Enforcement skills students that if they could get a group of students together to do the Polar Plunge, I would jump with them,” Mohawk said. “The first year we had 15 students and myself. Last year we had 21 students and myself. This year we had all the students (47) sign up to jump, and two additional instructors agreed to jump also.”

The two additional instructors that jumped with the students are Mark Erickson, the SKILLS Program Coordinator, also a licensed Peace Officer, and Ken Wickelgren, an Assistant to the SKILLS Coordinator and EVO Director.

The three RCTC instructors took a lead role at the event when they were the first to dive into the lake, but it was the students who took the initiative to set up the event. Mohawk said that skills students Greg Gardner and Nicholas Bruns led the planning with the help of the rest.

While talking of student participation, Mohawk credited Alexander Fogal, who raised the most funds for the cause with $1,071 of the $7,439 raised.

“This was the best year we have had with participation and donations, and it was very successful,” Mohawk said. “The question now is how will we top it next year.”

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