The Echo Eavesdrops – December 2017

“May I quote you on that?” is a common question a journalist asks during an interview. Here are just a few of the colorful comments that we’ve heard around campus. This time, we didn’t ask your permission.

“I’d sell my soul for an A in this class.”

— in the Science and Technology area

“The REAL reason we’re quiet in the library is to let people sleep.”

— in the Goddard library

“Yes, I chased a duck for 300 yards. No, I did not catch it.”

— in the cafeteria

“Get a dog instead. Humans aren’t meant for companionship.”

— near the bus stop outside Endicott Hall

“I just want to be happy! I’m going to focus on having the most beautiful Instagram and stop thinking about the likes.”

— in the Health Science Center

Person 1: “Invest in bitcoin, man. I made a twelve-dollar profit over three days.”

Person 2: “Get a job, dude.”

— in the Atrium

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