Your opinion is important in the next presidential search

By Munira Alimire

Arts and Entertainment Editor


Devinder Malhotra

As we are well aware, President Mary Davenport will be stepping down at the end of the school year, and the hunt for RCTC’s new president is beginning.

Interim Chancellor Devinder Malhotra visited with RCTC students on Sept. 26 to hear their concerns and hopes in a new president.

All of the students who attended seemed to agree on one fact —  that President Mary Davenport would be difficult to replace. They admired the amount of effort she put into maintaining student relationships and her constant availability to students. The first and most important request they had was that the next RCTC president should care about and work to support the students as much as she had.

Another concern they had was on rising tuition costs, and they wanted our next president to make the first steps in ensuring students can attend college without taking loans. Student President Sarah Brakebill-Hacke agreed with this and also emphasized a need to have a college president that will represent the student body as best as they can.

President Brakebill-Hacke also commented on how the RCTC student body should become more engaged in the search of our president.

“Whoever is selected will have a say on everything impacting our education,” she said, “and if we want our voices to be heard, we must state our opinions.”

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