Gallery exhibit displays variety of media

By Luis Enrique Cisneros Pito
Arts and Entertainment Editor

CTC’s art gallery hosts a variety of shows featuring student artwork and faculty.

This summer, there was great artwork on display. Simon Huelsbeck drawing and painting instructor demonstrated some of his artwork along with Winona State University art faculty Matthew Winkler. Former RCTC students Bobby Marines. And Kyong Juhn also demonstrated their skills.

The art show was a combination of expression and skill. The variety of media show the independence of each artist.

  One of the most interesting exhibits was done by Winkler took center stage. The sculpture, which consists entirely of cut paper created a sense of awe and interest in students, staff and faculty. The sculpture, while rigid in structure, really gave the illusion of dynamic movement.

The diversity of the art show really made one take second and even third looks. The photography from Juhn while subtle and intimate created a sense on mystery with every image. In every image from Juhn there is a sense of everyday intimacy that is really alluring and capturing. The intimacy of every moment contrasted with the boldness of Marine’s themes and imagery. They are bold and statements each to themselves.

The gallery over all demonstrated the strength of student and instructors and highlighted the work that can be accomplished in when working together.

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