The Echo eavesdrops – November 2017

“May I quote you on that?” is a common question a journalist asks during an interview. Here are just a few of the colorful comments that we’ve heard around campus. This time, we didn’t ask your permission.

Teacher, pointing at complicated equation on board: “What would you do about this?”
Student: “Cry.”
— in a math class

Person 1: “College is a scam.”
Person 2: “Then why are you still here?”Person 1: “Because work is an even bigger scam, and my Wi-Fi is spotty.”
— outside the Goddard Library

“Shut up, you have a deathly fear of tomatoes, lettuce, and everything else you’d find in a salad!”
— in the Learning Center

“Have you ever been attacked by a canary? Hon, it’s a freaking nightmare. They’re like tiny yellow grim reapers.”
— in the cafeteria

“I’m going to play the devil’s avocado here.”
— in the Heintz Center

“Let’s move away. I think she’s listening in on our conversation.”
— after being busted for eavesdropping

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