Exhibit shows progression through multimedia art

By Ilhan Raage


An idea that began in the fall of 2017 is now the spotlight of the RCTC art gallery.

ìIt had been on my mind for a while,î said Art and Design instructor Anthony Rostvold. ìI thought it would be great to have an alumni show.î

The art exhibit is called ìGetting from Here to Thereî and features four artists who were previous students.

Ann Pavlish, Jana Baecker, Loren Thomas and Scott Rainy all displayed multimedia focused artwork. Despite the similarity in the media of their art, they all brought a unique style to their pieces.

ìThey all came from the same program, but their artwork is completely different,î Rostvold said.

This concept is what made the exhibit interesting because each individual brought a special perspective to their piece, thus allowing viewers to interpret on their own.

Pavlish, a graphic designer for PBS in the Twin Cities, set up a variety of invitation cards, promotional items, and magazine layout. Her work focuses on print, branding, and promotional graphics.

Baeckerís art inspected the environmental impact of diapering. She even set up a video on finding more eco-friendly ways to diaper.

While explaining how each artist created their work, Rostvold mentioned that ìthere is a lot of work that goes into making even a tiny brochure.î

Thomas, also a graphic designer, focused on home advertisements. His work, although pinned up on the wall, gives the viewer the feeling of scrolling down a webpage.

Rainy has been working with Minnesota United FC as an in-house print and digital graphic designer. His artwork is a compilation of Minnesota United FC posters and fliers.

ìThe important part for students is seeing where they begin, where they come from, and how they go from here to wherever they are headed.î Rostvold concluded. ìThere are little things that affect us along the way and move us through our path.î