Meet your RCTC Student Senate representatives

From left are Treasurer Matthew Deneen, President Sofia Alston, Secretary Mana Mohamed and Vice President Katherine Nelson (Echo Photo by Luis E. Cisneros Pito)

Matthew Deneen

Student Senate Treasurer

Major: Computer Aided Drafting

Matthew Deneen is the newest member of the Student Senate here at Rochester Community and Technical College.

He is the Student Senate treasurer for the upcoming semester. Matthew plans to focus on the inclusion of the RCTC Heintz Center and the RCTC main campus, as well as developing stronger ties with students and school dynamics. Creating a sense of unity and developing a stronger relation with Student Senate and important aspects that can affect students is another aspect that Deneen will be focusing on. In addition to working on student and campus inclusion, he also plans on working with the transparency and utility of funds for the benefit of the students. Developing more concise and streamline procedures for monetary process in order to help students is a goal he hopes to achieve during his time as treasurer.

He is enjoying developing his problem solving, leadership and advocating skills. Working on behalf of the Student Senate has allowed him to work with a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds. This, coupled with new and exciting activities and events going on, bring new experiences to enjoy and grow.

“It’s fun, I’m liking it! It gives me lots of experience I get to work with new people. I get to hear new insight while learning to deal with different situations that I may not have experienced had I not joined.”

Mana Mohamed

Student Senate Secretary

Major: Liberal Arts and Science

Mana Mohamed is RCTC’s Student Senate secretary for this academic year.

She is excited to work with student from diverse back grounds and paths of life. One of her integral areas of focus for this semester is working on developing better methods of assisting international students and multi cultural students. Creating new ways for students of such diverse backgrounds to find the help they need more reliably accessible and more streamline for the future. She also plans to work on developing advocacy for students at RCTC along with student involvement. Student representation and student advocacy are just a few things that Mohamed strives to achieve this academic year for students as a student senate cabinet leader.

This experience has given Mohamed a way to develop her leadership skills further and polish some core aspects like organizational systems and leadership skills. She is enjoying being a student leader and learning from the plethora of experiences that being a cabinet member brings. Enjoying the growth is just one of the many things to look forward to this academic year for Mohamed.

Katherine Nelson

Student Senate Vice President

Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Rochester Community and Technical College welcomes Katherine Nelson as the new Student Senate vice president.

Nelson is not new to the political field of Student Senate. She was an active representative for Art Club the previous academic year. As the vice president Nelson plans to improve on-campus communications. Developing and nurturing a line of communication between students and resources in campus. Relational development is just one of the things that she hopes to further develop and strengthen in her time as a student leader. Another aspect of development Katherine hopes to further progress is student advocacy. Getting students out and expressing issues important to them is a continuous goal she hopes to have flourish this year. Advocacy being a crucial aspect in making a better future for students is a legacy for her and the Student Senate.

She is looking forward to developing the relationships with students and individuals in campus and outside that can make a difference. Increasing her professional and relational skills is an aspect that she has really enjoyed from being part of the Senate. Developing her professional skills such as leadership are just a few aspects that she is gaining from her role in Student Senate. Creating new ties with people and making new memories are just a few aspects of being in student senate she has being enjoying.

“Thanks to Senate, I’ve been able to meet an eclectic group of people who have made being active in school more fun and rewarding.”

Sofia Alston

Student Senate President

Major: Liberal Arts and Science

Sofia Alston is this year’s new Student Senate president, she is bringing forth her experience being involved with Student Senate the previous year.

She is hoping to bring forth a new sense of leadership and develop a stronger connection with administration, faculty, staff and more importantly students. Connecting and maintaining a strong connection with students and campus leaders is a vital aspect to addressing and solving campus issues. Creating a student focused area is a perspective goal for Sofia and the Student Senate. This area would focus on providing students with a open and inviting space to relax and refocus from the hectic rush of school and life. This student focused space would give students a chance to meet new people and relax in campus. She plans to continue fortifying the relationship among the campus and strengthen the voice of the student body.

New leaderships skills and organizational skills are a few of the areas that she is enjoying developing. Nurturing strong skills as a leader is just one area that she is enjoying grow as meeting people and making lasting relationships are a bonus to joining Student Senate. Making new memories and experiencing new things has helped her grow professionally and personally. Creating strong organizational procedures to leave a strong foundation for future leaders is a legacy she hopes to leave behind.

“I can’t say enough, how lucky I am to be a part of the Student Senate. You are doing real world things. All our lives we go to school in order to prepare us for the workforce. Well, being in Senate you make changes that affects students.”

Û Compiled by
Luis E. Cisneros Pito