Houdini: Poem by Luis Cordova

Renown as the magnificent escape artist, cunning and witty

Who held the nickname the great Harry Houdini

Was known for his amazing ability

In the art of magic and supposed sorcery


A book I encountered when magic conveyed my young life

Showed me the wonders of a man named Ehrich Weiss

Titled Houdini: art of magic, stories of his personal life

And sadly, his life is now cease


The site thegreathoudini.com tells all his life and art

He was born March 24, 1874

Son of a rabbi, to one of six children living close to poor

At the age of 12, he ran away on a freight cart


His brother Theo and him went to pursue magic

Later at the age of 20, Harry married and worked in a circus

Fame then found Houdini through his escapes and tricks

As if magic was his purpose


Harry took his magic to film

Starting his own film development corporation

Leaving him in the walk of fame, and the celebrity realm

He later showed interest in the field of aviation

Becoming the first to fly over Australian oil, like a captain at his helm

All after he became a world sensation


In 1920, Houdini became interested in occult

Most likely because his mother’s passing

He specified in debunking psychics, as if they were an insult

His capability to expose frauds was far greater than scientist, because his history in magic of which stayed to be ever so lasting


In October 24, 1926, at the age of 52

Houdini died, from a ruptured appendix, making his life due

The cause was a blow to his abdomen causing peritonitis

As he suffered from pain, still passing with bless


Before we come close to an end (I know how glum)

Here are some facts of Harry Houdini

As mentioned by history.com

Now let us see what made the man of mystery


He named himself after another conjurer

Named Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin

He was the king of handcuffs, able to escape everything, anywhere

He assisted in WW 1, teaching troops to escape any restraints that withheld them in

Houdini s»ances are still held every Halloween each year

Because the promise he made to contact his wife in the afterlife with a series of codes that spelled out “Rosabelle believe”, (what an eerie spin)


A life of a marvelous man who lived so free

Named Harry Houdini

Who quotes for us to see

“my brain is the key that sets my mind free”

This was the life of THE GREAT HARRY HOUDINI.