Intramural sports foster relationships

By Zakiya Abu

Sports Editor

Soccer is one of the intramural sports, open to students and staff, offered at RCTC. (Photo courtesy of College Relations)

The intramural sports program is an athletic activity that has been recently re-introduced to the RCTC community.

It was brought to life by the students here at RCTC who wanted this activity to be an option among the many other activities and recreations RCTC has to offer.

It is open to all students and requires only the payment of participation. It offers a variety of sport options. These include basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, badminton and Ultimate Frisbee.

Not only does this program provide satisfaction and pleasure for the students, it also creates interaction and communication among themselves. It encourages conversations and friendships that could be lifelong.

In a public setting like a college, some students find it hard to ignite conversations with people they donít know, and this program proves to be a solution. It is also a good source of exercise and can help build stamina.

Engaging in intramurals helps students achieve good sportsmanship and other good characteristics. It is not only open to students, but to the staff as well and it could help create a good relationship between the staff and the students.

This program demonstrates how it could be beneficial in the RCTC community. It provides the choice of participating in team sports, individual sports and special one day activities. For information on registration and events, the intramurals website and RCTC social media accounts are the places to look.