May the Fourth be with you: Star Wars Day is celebration of individuality

By Breanna Shen
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Since the showing of the first Star Wars movie nearly four decades ago, Star Wars has captivated audiences, become a cultural icon, and drawn a vast fan base.
In fact, many fans eagerly awaited Saturday, May 4, when they kicked off a celebration centered around the Star Wars movies.

Inspired by the famous Star Wars catch phrase “May the force be with you,” the Star Wars Day expression, “May the Fourth be with you” reverberated nationwide this Star Wars Day.

RCTC student and Star Wars aficionado Madison Leske described her plans for Star Wars Day, which included a Star Wars movie marathon, “especially of the first three movies made” and dressing up as Star Wars characters. Last year, she was decked out in a Padawan (Jedi apprentice) outfit. Star Wars enthusiasts also indulged in special Star Wars Day cuisine. For example, Leske prepared “chewy cookies and chocolate covered pretzel sticks made to look like lightsabers.” Other fans across the nation also engaged in lightsaber duels and trivia contests.

To some, Star Wars Day has become a culturally significant event, paying tribute to one of the most iconic American films. The annual celebration also brings together people who share a passion for Star Wars, fostering a sense of community. As Leske aptly puts it, Star Wars Day offers an opportunity to “embrace your individuality and express your love of Star Wars.”

The Star Wars movies have earned the public’s appreciation through stellar plot, top-notch acting, music, and more. Leske enjoyed “the adventure in the movies” and praised the movie score composed by John Williams. The movies also “inspire the imagination” and galvanize creativity.

Star Wars is attracting more and more fans from all generations, and another movie in the family-friendly series, Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker, is scheduled for release this December. But before that, many re-visited the previous movies this past Star Wars Day in preparation for the new movie.

Fans not only sought to celebrate their own enthusiasm for Star Wars on May 4, but also hoped that Star Wars Day will bring Star Wars to even greater public attention and admiration. According to Leske, the Star Wars movies represent “a large part of cinema history” and are “timeless classics that everyone should see.”