Online learning becomes a ‘one-stop-shop’ for students

By Ekhlas Abdullahi

Due to COVID-19, all RCTC courses have been converted to online classes. However, for some classes, it is important to have hands-on, and in-class experience. Classes such as Anatomy and Physiology, which is a dual lecture and laboratory course, has had to convert both of these formats to an online learning platform.

According to Jaime Tjossem, a professor of Anatomy and Physiology, “I wanted to make the transition to 100% online learning as smooth as possible for my students so each week I post a ‘What’s New…What’s Due?’ announcement in D2L.
“There, students find instructions, direct links, and timelines for completing work for the week. It is basically a ‘one-stop-shop’ so that they can be organized as well.”

Professor Tjossem says students are expected to watch recorded lectures, complete self assessments and Mastering A&P assignments, and watch laboratory video tutorials in order to prepare for lecture and lab exams.

“If students have questions, they either email me or we meet in Zoom,” she says.

In a replacement for the dual lab course, Professor Tjossem has been using pre-recorded lectures on Mediaspace, and Mastering AP biology.

However, not all classes have been able to replace all of their features immediately. For example, some students may not have internet access available at home or are living in environments that aren’t safe for them to study.

Professor Tjossem said because many of her students were already using online features such as Mastering Biology, all of her students had internet access.

Many health and biology courses are utilizing Mastering Biology, but almost all other courses are using other resources such as Zoom and Mediaspace.

Communication during these times is also challenging due to the absence of in-person scheduling. Some courses are implementing scheduled Zoom calls for lectures and other questions.