The Echo Eavesdrops – February 2018

“May I quote you on that?” is a common question a journalist asks during an interview. Here are just a few of the colorful comments that we’ve heard around campus. This time, we didn’t ask your permission.

“I may look all wonderful in class, but trust me, I’m dead on the inside.”

– outside the Learning Center

“I’ve been thinking really hard. Cat’ should be the past tense of cut.’ Like You cat me open with scissors.'”

– in the Writing Center

Student: “Apparently, the secret to writing papers is pasting your article of choice in a rewrite tool and refreshing like crazy.”

Teacher: *mid-laugh* “What?!”

– in a classroom

“She told me to come to the atrium because they’re playing that one Moana song.”

– in the Goddard Library

Student: “We should host a sit-in in the cafeteria so they can bring waffle fries back.”

Friend: “You MAY just be onto something!”

– in the cafeteria

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