Grounds improvement projects planned for summer and fall

By Lydia Hansen


Two new grounds improvement projects scheduled to begin this summer may impede parking through the fall of 2018.

Starting May 14, a major parking lot improvement project will begin on the west side of the Heintz Center.

Improvements to the parking lot include resurfacing of the entire lot, eliminating the north entrance, and providing new parking layout to improve vehicular circulation and increase parking spaces. Additionally, new LED lighting and security cameras will be installed, as well as an emergency call station and ADA accessibility ramps on the sidewalks.

While construction is in progress, no traffic or parking will be available on that side of the Heintz Center. However, alternate parking will be available on the east side, and temporary signage will be installed to direct students and visitors This project is scheduled to be completed by July 15.

The second project, beginning early in June, is the construction of a new grounds maintenance garage facility. This building will include a new 3,400 square foot building on the south-west corner of the small parking lot directly north of the Regional Sports Stadium. It is expected to be completed by Jan. 15.

The new facility will include a vehicle wash bay, four grounds storage bays, two athletic storage bays for equipment for the dome, as well as a covered storage bunker for seasonal salt/sand storage. The completed maintenance facility will replace the sheds currently installed there.

In addition to the building, the project will install a perimeter chain-link fence with powered gates, a new fuel tank and permanent charging stations for law enforcement vehicles.

During construction, the north portion of this lot will be available for parking, but the contractor will have traffic control. RCTC will be working with them to determine and publicize when the lot may be closed to non-construction traffic.

This parking lot will not be available for non-staff use after the project is completed.