This is an opportunity for Rochester Public School or other high school students to enroll in the RCTC Nursing program the following Fall semester immediately after high school! Typically, admission for all, including this year’s high school seniors, is based on a “point system” that precludes any current high school seniors from admission.

The STAT Program admission criteria do not use this point system. As many as five seats in the Fall semester and five seats in the Spring semester (for an Associate Degree) and two seats in the Fall semester (for Practical Nursing) are available for qualified students from area high school. These seats will be competitive to attain, but you will not be competing with “point system” students – only other current area high school seniors from the current year graduating class.

Download and complete the Associate Degree application: 2024 AD STAT Application.

Download and complete the Practical Nursing Diploma application 2024 PN STAT Application.

For more information contact RCTC Nursing Program Advisor, Jennifer Dahle at