Veterans Services

RCTC’s community is dedicated to providing services and information to support Veteran’s and their families’ educational goals. RCTC welcomes all Veterans, including those returning from active duty. The following resources are identified to support Veterans and their families to successfully accomplish their educational goals.

Higher Education Veterans Programs


Contact Information

Mark Larsen
MNDVA Regional Coordinator
EA 115

Othelmo da Silva
Academic Advisor
RCTC VA Certifying Official
SS 174 Box 19

Chasen Crowson
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (Chapter 31)

Getting Started

RCTC works with Veterans during the admission process to successfully enroll.  Follow these steps to become a Yellowjacket:

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Submit any official military, college, and high school transcripts/GED.
  3. Apply for benefits (see “Applying for Benefits” tab below).
  4. Apply for financial aid
  5. Complete STAR orientation (Information mailed with acceptance letter).
  6. Declare your intent to use VA Benefits so that your enrollment may be certified for the semester (complete the proper form: Spring 2023, Fall 2023, or Summer 2023)
  7. Meet with the Veterans Advisor and register!

Tuition Costs

Your tuition rate is established based upon your state of residency primarily. Learn more about your assigned tuition rate. Courses in the Advanced Technology Programs have a slightly higher tuition rate, as do courses taken as Independent Study. See the complete list of tuition rates. In addition to a tuition charge for each credit, there are related fees.

Applying for VA ED Benefits

After Applying for RCTC, Services members go to Complete a VA online application (VONAP). If you are unsure of which chapter of VA ED, see the description below of the different chapters of Educational Benefits or ask the campus VA ED advisor.

    • Chapter 30 – Former Active Duty
    • Chapter 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 on Active duty after 9/10/2001
    • Chapter 35 – Survivor/Dependent
    • Chapter 1606 – Guard/Reserve
      • Seek approval from your unit’s Educational Service Officer (ESO) or counselor within the Military Service prior to enrolling.
      • Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)  information –Complete and submit the Tuition Authorization Form ( is currently not available) for each class being funded by Federal Tuition Assistance to Veteran Service office.
      • For help with FTA contact Mark Larsen (contact information found above)
      • Be sure to make a copy for your records and to notify the Veteran Services Department that you are utilizing Federal Tuition Assistance.
    • Chapter 1607 – discontinued by the VA.
  • Initial processing for your VA ED benefits application may take up to 10-12 weeks.
  • Your enrollment will be certified after contacting the Certifying Officials of your registration.
  • The VA determines your benefit level based on your enrollment

Once you have applied for your benefits, it is your responsibility to notify the certifying official of your intended benefit use and which classes you would like to use the benefits for. Notification must be done each semester to ensure your benefits are received in a timely manner.

Your Responsibilities

In order to prevent delays in receiving your benefits, it will be necessary for you to comply with the following:

  1. Follow courses that are within your major. If you change your major inform the VA Certifying official
  2. Report your registration, changes, or withdrawals to RCTC VA Certifying Officials.
  3. Monthly verify your attendance to the VA on the WAVE, (presently CH 33 is exempt from monthly verification) WAVE call in number 1-877-823-2378, or set up a WAVE account at
  4. Any questions or concerns please contact the Regional Coordinator, RCTC VA certifying official or VA online at (use Ask a question) or call the VA at 1-888-442-4551.
    • Veterans may have their tuition deferred until receiving their VA ED benefits
    • Book deferments are available for all veteran’s receiving VA Ed benefits

RCTC Accreditations

RCTC Programs

On-Campus Resources

Regional Coordinators Office
The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, Higher Education Veterans Programs for Southeastern Minnesota makes its home office at RCTC. This office is available to provide veterans and current military members, as well as their families, with information regarding benefits, veteran’s employment help, family assistance, and transition issues. Contact Mark Larsen (contact information found above).

Veteran Resource Center
RCTC offers student veterans an on-campus place to gather for support, share information, and socialize. Being staffed by student veterans, the resource center provides a friendly environment for veterans, current military members, and their families.

RCTC Foundation Office
The RCTC Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to incoming, returning, and graduating students. Scholarships for incoming students are for those that are just beginning their course of studies at RCTC. Returning students scholarships are for current students who are continuing their education at RCTC. Graduating scholarships are for students who have completed their course of study and will graduate from an RCTC and continue their education elsewhere.

Off-Campus Resources