Student Government


Student President: Sudi Adow

Student Vice President: Mohamud Mohamed

Student Treasurer: Mathew Clemens

View a full breakdown of the Spring General Election results.

What is Student Government?

RCTC Student Government is dedicated to hearing student concerns and ideas, advocating on behalf of students at the local and state level, working with student clubs, and representing the student voice to College administration.

Interested in running for an Executive Officer position? Learn more on the Spring General Elections.

2018-2019 Student Senators

Are you a student that has a concern or idea for the Student Senate to consider? Look below to see who your representative is based on your academic discipline! Click on their name to send an email directly. Senators were elected by a campus-wide election in September 2018.

Career and Technical Education

Science and Health Professions

Liberal Arts and General Education

For any other questions or concerns, you can contact the Student Vice President/Senate President Kevin Mills at 

Who can be a part of Student Government?

Student Government leadership positions are open to any currently enrolled RCTC student who is in good standing as defined in the Student Government By-laws, Article I, Section I. Executive Officers are elected during a Spring General Election and Senators are elected during a Fall General Election each year. There are additional involvement opportunities to get involved with Student Government throughout the year; if you are interested in joining, email Student President Drew Brinker at 

Why should I join Student Government?

Getting involved in any club or organization can be one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences you will have while you are in college. By joining Student Government, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Network with students, staff, faculty and administrators
  • Gain applicable life skills to help you succeed in, and beyond, college
  • Make noticeable change and impact at RCTC
  • Create a network of friends

2018-2019 Events*

September 25: National Voter Registration Day

September 27: Student Senate Meeting (2-3 p.m. EA262)

October 11: Student Senate Meeting (2-3 p.m. EA262)

October 25: Student Senate Meeting (2-3 p.m. EA262): Meeting Minutes can be viewed HERE.

October 29: Community, Non-Partisan Meet and Greet (11 a.m.-1 p.m. Atrium)

November 8: Student Senate Meeting (2-3 p.m. EA262): Meeting Minutes can be viewed HERE.

December 6: Student Senate Meeting (2-3 p.m. EA262): Meeting Minutes can be viewed HERE.

*Subject to Change 

Student Government Constitution and By-laws

Connect With Us!

Email or visit the Student Government Office in College Center 407 (above the cafeteria)!

Student President:

Student Vice President:

Student Treasurer:

Student Government Staff Advisor: