Campus Clubs

RCTC clubs provide an outlet for students to create a network of peers who share similar interests. Any currently enrolled student may join an RCTC club or even start one of their own. Clubs explore extra-curricular and co-curricular programming, events, and learning opportunities. There are currently 24 active student clubs that have formed at RCTC varying from academic program interest-based to shared social interest-based.



The benefits of getting involved with a club are endless; a few include:

  • Building long-lasting friendships
  • Establishing a connection to campus
  • Having something to do between or after classes
  • Creating a difference at RCTC
  • Working closely with faculty and staff
  • Gaining skills that can be listed on your resume
  • Applying what you’re learning in the class to real-world experience


If a student is interested in starting a new club, there are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. State a purpose for the club which will benefit the College and does not advocate discrimination or violence of any kind.
  2. Find 5 students who are interested in joining the proposed club and fill out a Petition Form.
  3. Identify a faculty advisor.
  4. Create, submit, and present a Constitution to the Student Senate.

The Senate will vote to pass/deny the proposed constitution. If it passes the Senate, the proposed constitution will be provided the College President for consideration. All clubs are governed by RCTC Student Government, and additional information can be found within their Constitution and By-laws.



Contact the Student Life team at or